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How things has changed

This site is 8 years now.

WordPress is now 3.9.1.

Hosting? Now everyone talks about cloud. This site is still on the same shared hosting.

The look … it got to change. Until next change and next post. See ya!

WordPress 2.8 to be released in May xxth

Accidentally bump into this WordPress 2.8 page on WordPress Codex. The wording seems to imply WordPress is getting ready to release 2.8 sometime in May.

On May xxth, 2009, WordPress Version 2.8,
named for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, will be released to the public. For more
information on this enhancement and bug-fix release, read the Development Blog and see the Changelog for 2.8.

wordpress 2.8 getting ready

AdAdvantage R9.0 released

After a few weeks of using the update without noticing any problem, the files are packaged and available for download at Google Codes.

More information about the AdAdvantage theme can be found here.
Please report any bug or issues.


Offline Blogging Tool for MacOSX and Ubuntu?

Since moving to MacOSX and Ubuntu, I’m missing the very useful BlogDesk offline blogging program.

BlogDesk development seems to have slowed or stopped but it has enough features to satisfy. I especially loved the ability to insert and resize the image directly in the program. The image is then automatically uploaded together with the post. Simple and effective. For those that are (still) on Windows (which I know many of you are), do yourself a favor and try it.

ScribeFire has been around for sometime and I had tried it in various stages with disappointment. Unfortunately it seems to be the only offline blogging tool available that is availabe for both Mac and Ubuntu.

Mac has a few paid tools with Ubuntu seems to have a total lack of offline blogging client that is still being actively developed. Let me know if you know of any recommendation, preferrable opensource or free, works on Mac and Ubuntu.

In the meantime, I’m going to give ScribeFire a go to see if it has gotten any better.

Here’s using ScribeFire in Ubuntu.

Update to latest K2, fixed layout problem

Finally got around to update AdAdvantage to the latest K2 nightly build (k2-1.0-RC7.3-revision-778). This just fixed the layout problem which has existed since the last post.

There had been numerous changes in the K2 code since my last sync with it. I would say the code actually got much better organized. This makes syncing and maintaining the code to AdAdvantage easier.

There are some interesting development in the header and footer blocks and hooks. When I have some time, I like to take a look at how to make use of those.

Otherwise, things seems to “just works”, after the update which is great. The code changes is already in Google Code svn. Will be letting the theme run here for a while before making a package and publishing to Google Code.

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