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Supporting another freeware: BlogDesk

Payday! Another Adsense check, another donation.

It feels good to be able to give back to projects and efforts that had helped me make my income. As promised it will be a regular thing.

This time I am making a small donation to BlogDesk.

BlogDesk is an offline blogging tool. It allows you to compose your blog offline and upload it to the server. Some of its most attractive featues includes

  • can manage multiple blogs
  • resize and upload images
  • templates

Look out for a full review on it in Free Biz Waresoon.

While BlogDesk may not be as feature packed as other blogging clients, it is lite and does the job for me.

BlogDesk is developed by Johannes Oppermann, a very helpful guy. I counted in my mailbox 50 email exchanges where he tried to help me with an upload problem. Truely he deserves your support.

If you are looking for offline blogging tools, definitely give BlogDesk a try.

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